Best Walking Spots Near/ In Saskatoon


Spring is upon us in Saskatoon, and the changes that the spring brings makes long walks seem like a good idea. Our city has a bunch of different spots to explore while enjoying the fresh air. We wanted to share some of our favourite places to take a stroll with a friend, a dog, or all alone when we need some peace and quiet. We want to encourage everyone to practice safe social distancing and refrain from congregating in large groups. Keeping group size down allows everyone to safely enjoy the trails. Please follow protocols and regulations set out by the government to ensure we continue to flatten the curve.

Cranberry Flats Conservation Area 

The first great spot that comes to mind is the Cranberry Flats Conservation Area located just south of Saskatoon. Built along the beautiful South Saskatchewan River, visitors can enjoy great river views while they explore the various walking trails the area has to offer. In the summer months, beaches can be found along the Rivers banks, which makes for a beautiful place to relax. This spot even allows leashed animals, which makes it a great place to bring your dog for a walk. 

Chief Whitecap Park 

Chief Whitecap Park is located right on the south edge of the city. Known primarily as a great dog park, this spot has a great variety of ecology. The trail starts at the upper parking lot, and there are several trails that head through a very lush wooded area. These trails make it easy to escape the sun on hot days and a great place to explore. These trails lead down to massive sand bar beaches along the side of the River. The variety of scenery makes this spot a great place to explore. 

Beaver Creek 

Another great place to go for a walk just outside the city is Beaver Creek. Starting from the interpretive center, visitors can explore all kinds of landscapes, including prairie, forest, and a sheltered creek. This sport is excellent for walkers who don’t want to share the trail with dogs or who are interested in a bit more of an educational experience starting at the interpretive center.  

Meewasin Trail Saskatoon 

Sometimes we don’t have time to get outside the city to explore one of our more secluded walking destinations. Luckily for us, Saskatoon also has some great urban spots. Stretching the whole length of the River inside the city, the Meewasin trails are maintained, and paved trails that allow for as short or long of walks as anyone could want. Our favorite section stretches from the Sid Buckwold Bridge to University Bridge because it offers a nice mix of nature and urban sightseeing. 

Northeast Swale

The Northeast Swale is made of a large portion of native grasslands and offers high quality of biodiversity. Throughout the Swale, there are many walking paths to give you access to observed this unique landscape. It is very important to remain on path and protect the area, as this is one of the last native grasslands area left. Many species of plants and animals depend on this area for survival. You can spend hours watching birds on the ponds, or exploring the rich biodiversity this area offer. It is close to proximity to the river, so spend the evening around the Swale then wonder over to the river bank to watch the sunset over the city. We are lucky to have such a unique space within the city. Dogs are restricted in a few areas so please be aware of postings.

Have a favourite walking spot near or in Saskatoon? We would love to hear from you!

5 Responses

  1. Rachel McLeod

    A couple of clarifications…Does the Chief Whitecap trail start at the parking lot by Riversdale Golf Course? Also, is the Northeast Swale also known as the Sutherland Dog Park? And if not, where is the access for it?
    Thank you so much!

    • kelsey

      Hey Rachel,
      Chief Whitecap has two parking spots, you can either enter the south entrance which is at Riverside Golf Course or there is an entrance on Sask Crescent (you turn right off our Lorne Ave on to Cartwright Street (go pass the Saskatoon Golf course) and follow the road which will bring you to the north parking lot. If you are up for a longer walk you can actually start at Diefenbaker hill parking lot and take the trail right to Chief Whitecap. I Believe its about 3.5 km from Circle Drive South Bridge to Chief Whitecap.

      Then for the Northeast Swale its actually north of the Sutherland Dog park. Its in Between Evergreen and the new north commuter bridge. There is multiple access points as the Swale itself is rather large. But if you go to Fedoruk Road there is multiple spots to park or alternatively on Central Ave there is a parking lot just north Regional Psychiatric Centre that you can access the river or cross central ave and enter the trails around the swale

      • Rachel Mcleod

        Thank you Kelsey. Those reply’s were super helpful!! We’ll definitely be checking out the Northeast Swale as we have never been there before. Have a great day! Happy hiking!

  2. Tracey Lenz

    I recently discovered two gems:
    1. Hyde Park to Donna Birkmaier Park to Briarwood Lake Park. These parks link up and provide over 10 km of trails.
    2. Richard St. Barbe Baker Afforestation Area. Amazing find! Fat Bike Trails in winter and walking trails in summer.

    • kelsey

      Those are super nice trails in there, I havent explored much there but it is beautiful. And Agreed the Richard St. Barbe Baker Afforestation Area is amazing, its one of my favourite trail running spots. Great Suggestion! Thank you for adding to our list!