Saskatoon and Area Outdoor/ Adventure Groups

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Are you looking for ways to get involved with the outdoor Community in Saskatoon/ Saskatchewan? Here is a list of groups/ organizations in the area that offer ways to connect with the outdoor community. Outter Limits currently does not offer regularly schedule activities, however when we are able to we try to plan monthly events and in the winter organize weekly snowshoe nights. So stay tuned to our social media outlets to stay informed. Until it is safe to meet in person we are running online presentations on various topics.

Please note regular meet-ups and events have been postponed from many of the organizations in attempts to keep our community safe. So please check with with each group to see the changes/ adjustments that are currently being made.

Alpine Club of Canada- Saskatchewan Section

The ACC Saskatchewan Section is an official section of the Alpine Club of Canada. Founded in 1906, the ACC is comprised of sections and members from across Canada, as well as members from around the world. Its national office and clubhouse is located in Canmore, Alberta – in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. Membership in the Saskatchewan Section, as with any other, includes membership in the national organization.

Saskatoon Adventures Forum Meetup

An Open forum for those wanting to get out and enjoy the area and want companionship on these adventure

Saskatoon Hiking and Skiing Meetup

The focus of this meet-up is primarily on hiking in the summer and cross-country skiing in the winter in and around Saskatoon.

Sask Trails

The Saskatchewan Trails Association (STA) was incorporated in July 2004 with the mandate to promote the development and use of recreational trails throughout Saskatchewan. The STA was created through a stakeholder process led by the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association (SPRA).

Boreal Outdoor Recreation Association (BORA)

Their mission is to develop, maintain, and promote non-motorized, multi-use singletrack trails and the community that uses them, in the La Ronge area.

The Boreal Outdoor Recreation Association is working to bring people together to hike/bike/snowshoe/trail run/ski/be outside, and to create and improve trails in the La Ronge area for these activities.

Saskatoon Nordic Ski Club

The Saskatoon Nordic Ski Club is a community of enthusiastic, engaged and supportive people who are advocates for cross country skiing in Saskatoon.

306 Outdoor Tribe

The 306 Outdoor Tribe was created as motivation to connect back with nature through outdoor adventure and to connect with self through self-reflection in nature. An event will be organized and posted each season (four times per year). I hope that you find this group as motivation to also connect back with the outdoors and to yourself!

The Lady Alliance- Saskatoon

Welcome to The Lady Alliance – Saskatoon Chapter! 💖 This is a place to communicate with other ladies within your community! Plan activities, car pool to The Lady Alliance events, join meet ups, ask travel advice, share personal adventures, and more!

Women who Explore- Sask

Our mission at women who explore is inspire every woman to get outdoors, to try something new, to push boundaries and to help you check off your bucket list. All in affordable ways. We are not experts, nor are we superior athletes, we are regular women who love to get outdoors. We would love for you to join us on a weekend getaway, a free local meet up or simply peruse the blog for ideas on how to get outdoors and explore


The mission of SaskOutdoors is to connect people of Saskatchewan to the outdoors and inspire a sense of curiosity and play within our natural environment by passionately delivering programs and services that promote awareness of outdoor recreation and environmental stewardship.

Saskatoon Mountain Bike Trail Alliance

Founded in the summer of 2018, SMTBA was created by bikers to grow the mountain bike community and create opportunities for sustainable outdoor recreation in Saskatoon. Our team has a shared vision of expanding and refining our trail network, making Saskatoon a premier prairie mountain biking destination. The goal of SMTBA is to collectively focus the efforts of the many talented and passionate mountain bikers and trail builders we have in this community. SMTBA will be there to support bike clubs, trail builders, and trail users. We want to unite trail builders, mountain bikers, and outdoor enthusiasts by partnering with many key stakeholders in the community. We believe that more can be accomplished together and we would graciously welcome your support and partnership.

Outdoor Adventure Club (Sask)

Heading out on a day trip with room for a few extra friends? Itching to get out and do something, but need a few more people to make it happen? Have an activity/destination you always wanted to try out, but no idea where to start? Or just have a question to help you get out adventuring? This group is intended to meet new people with shared interests and build an experience-sharing community! Invite your friends!

Hi-5 Rides

More of a community than a club, the goal of the Outtabounds Hi-5 Club is to provide an atmosphere where, regardless of your ability, or even of what kind of bike you have, you can come out for a weekly ride, throw out and receive high-fives, and absorb all the good vibes. 

This club is open to both Men and Women, but if you are of the female variety and are more comfortable riding with a group of women, then the ladies division of the Hi-5 club (Girls on Bikes YXE) is definitely something you should check out. 

Brainsport Run Club

Perhaps one of the best things about running is that in can build community, friendships and help develop grit. Because we believe so strongly in the power of a good run, we facilitate several run clubs a week, free of charge.

Run Club is a core element of our store, providing a positive place for runners of all levels to meet and learn from each other in a friendly, social environment. Run Club meets at the store three times a week and divides into groups based on pace and ability. The group leaders come from within the group, offering a chance to lead or follow. If you’ve come out a few times, try your hand at leading! Come connect with others, and take a step (or many steps!) toward a healthier, more active life. The group is free and open to all.

Bike Doctor Detours

Bike Doctor Detours is a non-profit cycling club that organizes non-traditional
rides and races. In 2016, we began by organizing group “gravel rides” on our
prairie back roads.
Since then, we have expanded to include new events such as a fun triathlon, a
night cyclo-cross race, a park rampage, a long ride that includes a ferry crossing
of the Saskatchewan River, and a ride and brunch at the Berry Barn. The club
also now includes a women’s road riding group called the Pedal Wenches, which
meets on Thursday evenings from May to July. Check our calendar for events
and ride schedules, then sign up to join in!

Northern Bush Rastas Mountain Bike Club

The Northern Bush Rastas is the largest mountain bike club in Saskatchewan. We serve both competitive and recreational mountain bikers in and around the city of Saskatoon. The Northern Bush Rastas are affiliated with the Saskatchewan Cycling Association.

Saskatoon Canoe Club

The Saskatoon Canoe Club is a group of paddling enthusiasts of varying skill levels and interests. We are involved in a variety of types of canoeing & kayaking from recreational and whitewater paddling to competitive marathon racing. We have kayaks and canoes for a variety of purposes and paddling styles. We offer courses to members, as well as opportunities for canoe trips.

The Saskatoon Canoe Club does not rent canoes or provide any access to club gear or the boathouse for non-members.

Back40 Wildenerss First Aid

Back 40 Everyday First Aid is our core connection to Saskatchewan’s people. Anyone growing up in rural Saskatchewan could tell you what back forty means and likely share endless stories of people who were sick, injured or killed in the back forty. These stories share a common theme – Being the furthest away, in the middle of “nowhere”, with a medical emergency is inconvenient at best. In every case, first aid mattered and common sense prevailed.

Saskatchewan rural life is still thriving and Saskatchewan people are living and working in areas where time seems to slow down and patience becomes a virtue, especially when dealing with an emergency. Our hope is to connect with any individual, club, organization, social circle, or business who contributes to our Saskatchewan community to focus on the everyday first aid situations that may befall them. There should be no barrier to learning first aid.

Saskatoon Search and Rescue

Saskatoon Search and Rescue (SSAR) is a ground search and rescue team made up of dedicated volunteers who desire to help and assist others in need in our community by giving their time for training, search missions, preventative information and public awareness. They are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

People often overthink Saskatchewan as a mecca for adventure, but we are truly lucky to be surrounded by so much beauty all around. Connecting with the right people is the perfect place to start for your next adventure! Do you know of a group in Saskatchewan that is not on the list, let us know! We are always trying to connect with more like minded people.