Top Ten Ways to Shorten the Lifespan of a Tent

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  1. Put it Away Wet

Do you put clean dishes away when they are still wet? Of course not! The same rule applies to your tent- only store after it is fully dry otherwise you may have a mouldy mess on your hands the next time you pull it out.

  1. Let It Soak Up The Sun

Similar to human skin, the sun’s UV rays can damage the coatings and fabric of a tent. This means you should try to pitch your tent somewhere shady and sheltered when possible. If the tent will be exposed for long periods of time, pitch a tarp overtop of it. The more shade you throw the better!

  1. Rip on Those Zippers

Just because Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise want to fight, doesn’t mean you should. Be gentle with your zippers and your tent will be forever grateful. You can even give them a clean once in awhile for better performance. Leave the fighting to the “pros”.

  1. Fold It

Yes, Mom would be proud, but your tent will not be. Folding a tent to put it away creates maintained creases in the fabric, which wear away at waterproof coatings and decrease fabric strength in those areas. Tents can get stuffed!

  1. Leave the Footprint Behind

They say: “take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints” but this is one footprint you shouldn’t leave behind. The footprint for your tent does an awesome job of protecting the tent bottom from abrasive objects, and moisture. Just be sure to get a footprint that is sized specifically to fit your tent!

  1. Charcoal Grill A Steak Inside

You may be eager to try the new Biolite Firepit, but please keep it away from your tent. Unless you have a tent made specifically to house a wood stove, keep flame and food outside or your adventure will go up in smoke.

  1. Park it on the Rocks

Your footprint does help protect the floor of your tent, but you and your tent will be much more comfortable on softer ground if it is available.

  1. Hastily Put Together the Poles

Check when setting up the tent that all poles have been put flush together, otherwise they will have unnecessary strain on them and a shorter life than necessary. Take your time and there will be no need to call the “pol-ice”.

  1. Don’t Stake it Out

Did you pack your ruby shoes? If not you may want to consider staking out your tent. It’s not necessary in every situation, but in harsh weather it will keep you, and your tent, in one place. It can even help increase the floor space of your tent. I guess you could say there is a lot at stake.

  1. Leave it at Home

Tents have feelings too! So why not take it on your next adventure? Bonus, tent camping is a great low-impact way to enjoy the outdoors.