Getting Outside while Pregnant- a Few favourite pieces

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Our Manager Kelsey Shares her favourite items she used in winter to continue getting outside during her pregnancy.

Outside Winter Gatherings

Surviving a Saskatchewan winter can be challenging as it is, add in a pregnancy and a whole new set of obstacles exist. When I was pregnant in Winter 2021, I knew getting outside was going to be key to my overall enjoyment for the months ahead. It was important to me to find a few key pieces to help me through the winter but I didn’t want to invest in pieces that couldn’t be used after pregnancy.

Here is my favourite items I used

  1. Patagonia Capline Air Top and Bottom Baselayers

I absolutely love my Capilene Air base layers by Patagonia and in pregnancy they became a clear favourite. The bottoms do not have a traditional waist band and was comfortable from 0 to 40 weeks. They are super warm and breathable, so allowed me to stay nice and cosy but kept me comfortable during exertion.

The base layer top stretches perfectly over a growing bump, and keeps it shape so you continue wearing it even after babies arrives.

2. Arcade Adventure Belts

If you have never checked these belts out- I highly recommend them. They stay in place and are so comfy due to their extra stretch, something the proves to be handy with a growing belly. I have used this belt for the past 4 years and it honestly looks like new.

Evening Winter walks

3. Oboz Sapphire 8″ Winter Boots

One of the best ways to enjoy winter in Saskatchewan is getting out for winter walks and my favourite boots are the Oboz Sapphire 8″ Winter Boots. My favourite feature for these boots is the side zipper, making getting your boots on a bit easier. The height is perfect for snowshoeing in deep snow, and insulation has kept my toes warm for the past two winters and will work again this winter.

4. Yaktrax Walkers

I loved having the extra security in my footing when out for my winter walks. The YakTrax walker wraps around the bottom of your foot adding some extra traction on those icy roads.

5. Atom Lt Hoodie

I was lucky to borrow an extra jacket from my husband for majority of the winter and my favourite was the Atom Lt Hoodie by Arc’teryx. The side stretch panels accommodated a growing bump and extra layers. I preferred the mens fit as it offered more length for myself. Even though this piece wasn’t intended to be mine, I have continued to wear it after.

For pants, I used a stretchy softshell pant for most of my activities. They were pants I owned pre pregnancy and worked until the very end, and I still use them today. I find the softshell provided enough stretch that it allowed me to use them the whole time. I paired them with the Arcade belt and never had a problem. In store- I would consider the Columbia Back Beauty High-rise Warm Winter Pant (currently have limited sizes).

Last Ski Before Baby Arrived
38 Weeks Pregnant – Wearing Arc’teryx Atom Lt Hoodie and Black Diamond Soft-shell pants with Arcade Belt

I would also like to mention that even though these items worked for me, each person and every pregnancy is different. Make sure you consult your doctor and do activities you feel comfortable with. I understand that it was a privilege that I was able to get outside and enjoy winter activities throughout my pregnancy.

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