How to Treat Your Boots

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Let us begin: Are your boots are looking like they need some love after some time on the trail? If so, follow this journey on cleaning and treating your boots at home! We begin by gently rinsing the outside upper … Continued

Treating your Hiking Boots

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Have you just returned from a hike? Or maybe you’re getting ready to set out on your next ramble. Either way, you might consider treating your boots so that they are ready to go on your next trip. Here are … Continued

Backpack Fitting 101

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Ensuring you have a properly fitting pack is super important when it comes to the overall comfort and load carrying capacity of your backpack. When determining which pack size will fit you the best, it is determined on your torso … Continued


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Searching for that new pair of all-around trail runner/light hiking shoe? Look no further than the Salomon XA Pro’s. The XA Pro’s have quickly become some of my favourite shoes in my closet. I initially bought these to be simply … Continued

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