Backpack Fitting 101

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Ensuring you have a properly fitting pack is super important when it comes to the overall comfort and load carrying capacity of your backpack. When determining which pack size will fit you the best, it is determined on your torso … Continued


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Searching for that new pair of all-around trail runner/light hiking shoe? Look no further than the Salomon XA Pro’s. The XA Pro’s have quickly become some of my favourite shoes in my closet. I initially bought these to be simply … Continued

Preparing for Field Work

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Hi all! I’ve worked at Outter Limits for a few years now, but I’m also a graduate student at USask and an ecologist. I have spent at least part of every summer for the past 10 years working outdoors on … Continued

Best Outdoor Documentaries

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Though we may not be able to get out and create our own epic adventures right now. Here is a list of a few jaw-dropping, nature loving documentaries to watch to help fuel your desire for adventure. This list is … Continued

World Water Day

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“WE CANNOT AFFORD TO WAIT. EVERYONE HAS A ROLE TO PLAY” March 22, 2020 marks the 27th annual World Water Day. World Water Day began in 1993 to celebrate water and raise awareness of the 2.2 billion people living without … Continued


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As summer so rudely slams the door behind her, we begin to hunker down for the long-haul winters. The space in our drawers where shorts live for a precious few months of the year yields to sweaters, fleece and jeans. … Continued

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